Thassos Island

Thassos Island

Thassos Island

Thassos Island

When we think of a Greek island our minds may go to magical beaches, but Thasos is so much more.

Nature is magnificent. Crystal clear seas, olive trees, pine trees but also history, culture, gastronomy, archeological findings, traditional architecture, monasteries and picturesque are the fascinating complement to the points of interest of the island.

An island rich in minerals and natural resources, with a strategic position on the road between Anatolia and Central Greece, inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC, it has always been a desirable acquisition for invaders and conquerors.

Telesicles from Paros, after an oracle, was called to build "a city visible from everywhere" on the island of "Aeria" (ancient name of Thassos). Persians, Athenians, Spartans, Romans, Venecians, Genoese, pitates, Turks and Bulgarians have jealously passed through the island over the centuries.

Limenas was and still is the capital of the island, as many remains of the past testify, such as the ancient market, the ancient theater, the temples of Hercules, Artemis, Dionysus and Poseidon.

There is also the Archeological museum of Thassos with impressive findings.

Other museums that exist on the island are Folklore ( in Limenas, Theologos, Limenaria, Kallirahi), the Art Museum in Potamia, the traditional olive oil mill in Panagia, the olive oil museum and the Beekeeping Cooperative in Scala Prinos.

Most of the island's beaches are organized, with high quality facilities and many of them have been awarded with the blue flag. They are relatively shallow, so ideal for families with children.

Above all, they are beautiful, such as Saliara, Golden Beach, Paradise, Psili Ammos, Aliki and many others, most of them with golden sandy beaches, with many pine trees around.

In summer the islands events and festivals are famous.

Apart from the excellent quality marble, the island produces delicious olives, special wine, tsipouro, amazing honey from the pine trees and of course you will find lots of fresh fish.

The connection to the island is by ferry from Kavala to Prinos, with five trips a day, lasting 75 minutes at a time, and from Keramoti to Thassos port, with frequent trips during the day, lasting 35 minutes at a time.

The nearest airport is in Chrysoupoli of Kavala, 17 km from Keramoti.

One thing is for sure, the island of Thassos has many ways to win you over and make your holidays unforgettable.